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St. Mary's Healthcare for Children on 11/14/2018

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Click on the "Register for this FREE event" button located on the top-right side of this page to access the online registration form.

To log in, you'll need to have an ADVANCE online account. Sign up for your account now. It's free and only takes a few minutes!

Make sure your resume is updated and ready to send on the day of the event. You can create a new resume using our Resume Builder application or upload an existing resume file once you enter the first booth at the online job fair. This will make distributing your resume to exhibitors as easy as a mouse click.

Be sure to review the educational session schedule and the list of exhibitors ahead of time to plan your time wisely.

During the Event

Your virtual tote bag will be located on your personal profile page. Exhibitors will offer helpful resources within their booths (company brochures, benefits guidelines, applications, etc.) that you can upload and add to your virtual tote bag as you go. You can view these items later and download the files from your virtual tote bag to your desktop at any time during and after the event.

The tote bag will also include special Advance Healthcare Shop coupons and a printable Program Guide with facility information for later reference. Both will be available when you sign into the event on the day of the show.

When you're in a booth, you have the option to:

  • Enter the prize drawing by hitting the "Enter Prize Drawing" button
  • Submit your resume to that exhibitor by hitting the "Submit Resume" button
  • Add resources to your virtual tote bag by clicking on the files they've provided
  • Chat with a recruiter by entering a question in the open text box and hitting the "Send" button.

Yes, you can enter one time in every booth. Visit all of the exhibitors and enter the prize drawing each booth maximize your chances of winning.

After the Event

After the event, you can return to the same Web address you used to attend the virtual job fair and access your virtual tote bag again. All of the items that you added will still be there for you to download at your convenience.

You will have 30 days to return to the same Web address you used to attend the virtual job fair and click on the "Online Session" link to view the presentations that were given. You will need to complete a test after the session to qualify for CE.

If you were registered for a virtual job fair and weren't able to attend, you will have 30 days to return to the event after it's passed. You'll be able to view the exhibitors that participated, upload their company information and attend the education sessions that took place. However, if you weren't registered for that particular event you won't be able to view this information. Also note that live chat will no longer be available during this timeframe.


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